Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Up the Parvati Valley

We went up the Parvati valley to the source of the river, which is a glacial lake called Mantalai. Parvati is Shiva's wife, so a very powerful woman indeed! As we saw it, the river is calm near the source but gets angrier as it nears civilisation.. which is understandable.
It took us 5 days to Mantalai from Varsheni, and 4 days to get back to Manali. Of course, throughout, the Himalayas are majestic. Even if you're seeing them and walking through them for not the first time, they do not cease to amaze. Up there, all they ask of you is that you give them due respect. That is all. Once that is done, they may treat you well.
We were not so lucky as we had hoped to to cross the Pin Pass over Mantalai, but it was far too snowed over and we did have all the equipment we'd have wanted to get back down the other steeper side.
Next time then.
But in the mountains you see and feel and hear like nowhere else - not the middle of the ocean, not across expansive plains. And on top, you are there just to be. Nothing else. No plans to be made, no phones to be answered.


Frozenswirl said...

I'm travelling India through these stories! Keep them coming!

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abhinav said...

nalin i'd like to start a blog of my own.Suggestions?

nalin said...

wahahaha, thanks madan..
like i said, least it should be something to everyone.
you don't really want me suggest in a public forum do you?