Sunday, 28 November 2010

We must all write.

Write, for example -

On her return to circles.
On cantalooping.
On Clyde's buttoned boots - and how they shone!
On bells on clocks, perched.
On black on white.
On curved compliments, and dietary supplements.
On watching geese. Alone and intent.
On reflecting lights. Complete with ripples.
On standing next to Silver-bean. And staring at a bigger you.
On big apples, small starts, and grand dreams.
On vacations.
On olive-cream and jujubes.
On skates, on scooters.
On still staring at a bigger you.
On old leather; now forgiven.
On shaking trees, now awake.
On leaning on knobs.
On slowly playing with you.
On spooning a mouthful.
On pressing floors.
On judging.
On weaknesses and companions.
On lovers.
On not noticing the scars.
On shutting down and waking up.
On brevity.